…It’s awkward.

I was alone with Dr.
Kazuki in the living room.

Yuugo and Yanagi were in another room.

It seemed like Yanagi worked at the same place with Yuugo, and he has a matter about work to talk about.

Also, Yanagi was an omega, but Dr.
Kazuki told me not to worry because he already had a pair.
He even showed me his bite marks, which surprised me even more.

Well… It’s probably because he heard what I said earlier.
Because of that, I still felt a bit awkward with Dr.
Kazuki even now.

Kazuki… Sorry about earlier.”

I couldn’t just keep quiet forever, so I mustered my courage and lowered my head to Dr.

I have to apologize about this no matter what.

“No, it’s okay Sou.
That was a medically normal reaction, so you don’t have to worry about it.
Rather, I was too careless.

Kazuki apologized to me instead.

Something normal medically? That kind of reaction was?? No, that was definitely not normal.

“But… I already know that you cherished my sister.
It’s weird for me to think that you’ll take him away from me.”

“This and that are different.
Rather than that, is your body okay? You must have been anxious after getting your heat so suddenly in an unknown place.”

“…Yeah, that was scary.”

I didn’t expect the changes in my body would be that sudden.

Normally I would get a stomachache and the heat would slowly start from there, but this time it was completely different.

My body was suddenly heating up, and I couldn’t stop sweating and trembling.

“I was surprised when he contacted me.”

“Yuugo contacted you directly?”

“He called to the clinic.
He tried to take you back to the clinic, but you didn’t want to.”

“Huh, wait… What do you mean I didn’t want to?”

“You don’t remember? You didn’t say it directly on the call, but you kept saying that you want to go to Yuugo’s house.”

Me? Did I say something like that?

I really didn’t remember anything about that, though?

“You really don’t remember?”

“…Not at all.”

All I remember was up until the part I clung onto Yuugo at the toilet.

Then I was here the next time I woke up.

“Maybe your memories were blurred by the sudden heat? Well, Yanagi vouched for him too, so I decided to leave you in his hands.”

“Yanagi did?”


But still… the heat was really scary after all.
To think that I’m even losing my memory.

However, I certainly feel that I didn’t want to be separated from Yuugo, even until now.
I couldn’t help but feel worried if I couldn’t see Yuugo nearby.

…I wonder what this feeling is.

“…But, about that from earlier.
I didn’t know you were in that kind of relationship with Lindgren.”


“I’m talking about the person you called Yuugo.
Didn’t he tell you that name? Wait a minute, …umm, aah, this is it.”

Kazuki said that and held out his phone.

The screen displayed a picture of Yuugo in a suit.
There was a name written below it.

“…Lars Lindgren.”

“It seems like his official name is Lars Yuugo Lindgren.
I’ve only heard the name Yuugo today.
If Yanagi hadn’t vouched for him, I would have doubted him… Sou, are you listening?”

“Ah, err… sorry.
I wasn’t listening.”

I didn’t hear a word that Dr.
Kazuki had said.
After all, everything was so surprising.

There was not only Yuugo’s name written there, but also his profile.

He is the son of the president of a large company and the current executive director.
It was said he would probably become the next president.

There were many other difficult things written there, but I couldn’t understand them all.

“—So Yanagi is someone from Yuugo’s workplace… was it?”

“It seems like he’s his secretary.
Yanagi said that there would be no problem leaving you to Lindgren.
He said that I could trust him.”

He was supposed to be the same omega like me, but he’s Yuugo’s secretary.
On the other hand, I was just a student omega with nothing to offer.

Yanagi already had a pair, but I think that kind of person would be a better fit for Yuugo.

I suddenly felt a bit uneasy.

…After all, I think the world that Yuugo lives in was too different with mine.
It was like he felt very distant.

I felt a sharp pain in my chest because of the unpleasant feelings.
I unconsciously grimaced my face.

“What’s wrong? Does it hurt somewhere?”

As expected of Dr.
Kazuki, my doctor.
He even noticed the slightest change in my expression right away.

But, I couldn’t seem to tell him what I was feeling right now.

I tried to cover it up by shaking my head and saying that it’s nothing.

He seemed to notice my lie, but so he didn’t ask any further, probably because he knew that I wouldn’t open my mouth any more than this.

That side of him was probably because my sister acted the same way like me.

“Would you let me scan your pheromones at least?”


He took a machine out of his medical examination bag and placed it on my nape through the neck guard.

As I listened to the beeping sound, I desperately tried to shake off the unpleasant feelings from earlier.

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