Sweet Taste (2)

…I wonder if Yuugo felt that way too.

If people always looked at him this way, I guess it was only natural that he wasn’t very good with omega.
I think it was natural for him to hate omega.

And yet, he was so kind to me.

He even said that he liked me.

…Is it okay for me to believe those words from Yuugo? Is it okay for me to return his feelings in kind?

At that moment, my phone vibrates quietly.

The message I received was from Yuugo.

He must have woken up and realized that I wasn’t next to him.

He didn’t seem to have come out of his room.

[I was asleep until just earlier, so I don’t feel sleepy.
You better go back to sleep, Yuugo.]

I wonder why he got so worried about me, even though I’ve said that I was just not sleepy.

He was always like that.

He would always kindly accept my weaknesses and complaints.
The Yuugo from the time we talked in the app and the Yuugo right now is no different at all.

“He’s really Yuugo… huh.”

Maybe I didn’t need to think about whether it’s virtual or real, alpha or omega… when I talked to Yuugo.

Maybe I could accept his feelings just as it is.

Weirdly, I began to think of it like that.

[Not really.
I don’t have anything on my mind.]

I replied just like usual.

I felt like I could talk to Yuugo more like myself like this, rather than when I talk to him face to face.

Like maybe you’re just holding back from saying anything, or you actually don’t like an older partner.
Or that maybe you were disillusioned after seeing me.
Or maybe you really hate me for good now after what I did earlier.>

“It’s too long.”

I couldn’t help but retort back.

Now that I remember it, Yuugo was this kind of person.
He would always reply something unexpected to things that I was seriously worried about.

He said that omegas who often masturbate are “Cute”, and when I told him that I might be hated by someone, he said “But I like you”.

When I remembered the conversation we had up until now, it felt so silly worrying about all these things that it made me laugh.

[I don’t mind that you’re older than me.
But I guess I’m a bit put off that your face is too handsome.]

I tried to be honest with him.

I think that his handsomeness definitely made him even harder to approach.

His too perfectly shaped face made my heart race just by looking at it up close.

Yuugo wouldn’t overlook the question that I had purposefully avoided.
My face was heating up as I remembered what Yuugo did to me before Dr.
Kazuki and Yanagi arrived.

Just like him, I also desired to touch him and stay together with him.
No, it was even me who stopped Yuugo from leaving.

It was partly because I was quite delirious from the heat’s fever, but even more than that I also wanted to touch Yuugo from my own will.

I couldn’t possibly… dislike it this late.

[I didn’t really dislike it.]

“—I’m glad to hear that.”


When I turned around to the sound of the voice, I saw Yuugo at the living room entrance.

It seems like I was too absorbed in replying that I didn’t hear the noise from around me.

Yuugo walked into the dimly lit living room and sat down next to me on my right side.

He looked at me closely.

“Do you really have nothing on your mind?”

It’s all gone.”

“…? Then that’s good.”

Yuugo gave a dubious look at my answer.

But, it wasn’t a lie that my worries had really disappeared.

“…So your name is Lars Lindgren.”

“Did Dr.
Kazuki tell you? …Could it be, you came to dislike me because of that-”

“I’m not.
Well, I was surprised because you seem like a big shot—, but Yuugo is still Yuugo, and that’s fine, right?”

After asking me that question as if to make sure, Yuugo’s eyes widened.

He froze for a moment, and when I thought he suddenly moved, he pushed me down on the sofa with great force.
He then hugged me tightly.

“Wai- I can’t breathe.
What are you doi-”

“…I’m glad.”

His voice sounded like he was relieved deep inside.

He also made this kind of voice when I told him that I didn’t hate him, was it?

The kind of voice that was a little shaky, as if it was squeezing my heart.

“I was worried what if you’ll change too.”

“Change? What do you mean?”

“I don’t want if you stop looking at me as myself.
Even though I no longer care about what everyone else was thinking of me… I don’t want you to think of me that way.”

I wonder why Yuugo thought of me this much.
Even though I’m just an ordinary student, with an ordinary appearance, and nothing special about me.

I also put my arms around Yuugo’s body.

One of my hands was on his back, and the other hand was touching his hair that I’ve always wanted to touch.

Just like how it looked, Yuugo’s hair was very soft and silky to touch that it was almost too addictive.
As I stroked it again and again, Yuugo who had been pressing his face against my shoulder, looked up.

“I like you, Sou.”

“…Why are you saying this now?”

“I just feel that it’s that kind of mood now.
What about you? You’re not going to say it again?”

…I couldn’t possibly say that.
I shook my head to the side.

I probably couldn’t say it too earlier if not for the heat making me so delirious.

“…That’s a shame.”

Still, it was unfair of him to make that kind of disappointed face.

I grabbed Yuugo’s face as he tried to pull away, and I stole his lips at the spur of the moment.

Rather than a kiss, it was more like we bumped our lips together… But it couldn’t be helped.
I’m not used to things like this.

“You’ll understand with this, right…?”

It was just a kiss of pressing our lips together.

Even so, it was so embarrassing that my face was heating up.

“So cute.”

This time, it was Yuugo who kissed me.

After changing the angle of the kiss a few times, the tip of his tongue poked my lips.

When I opened my mouth a little, he slipped his tongue into the gap.

Yuugo’s tongue tasted sweet.

It tasted much better than the orange jelly.

When I opened my eyes that were closed tightly, Yuugo looked at me with a gentle expression.
Our lips touched one last time, then his face pulled away from mine.

“—By the way, what should I do about you being put off because I’m too handsome?”

I couldn’t hold back bursting out laughing as he mumbled that question in a serious tone

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