I don’t want to take the meds (1)

We hugged each other in the living room for a while.

Just touching each other like this made me feel a bit more relaxed.
I wonder if this is what they meant by my pheromones becoming stable.

Maybe it was because of the side effect of the medicine I had taken, but this time sleepiness naturally took over me.

We went back to the bedroom together.

As he pulled me by the arm, we climbed into the same bed.

We faced and then hugged each other.
I only felt pleasure as I inhaled Yuugo’s scent all over my chest.

While feeling Yuugo’s warmth from inside his arms, I drifted off to sleep.


I wondered if I could stay together with him a little longer if my pheromones were still unstable.

Then, the next morning.

At a place far away from Yuugo, I thought of such a thing while measuring my pheromone levels.

I couldn’t believe how much I didn’t want to be apart from him even though we hadn’t even spent a full day together… It’s really felt strange.

I could hear the beeping sound of the device.
Unfortunately, my pheromone levels have remained stable.

Yuugo told me that Dr.
Kazuki had asked him to bring me to the clinic if I seemed to be feeling better.

This confirmed that I would be separated from Yuugo today.

“…It looked okay.”

“I’m glad.
Let’s have breakfast then.”

We went back to the living room.

Yuugo had a smile on his face when he heard about the results.

I wonder if I was the only one who felt regretful for us to separate.
Well, I was the only one who was being driven by the heat, so I guess it’s only natural that I was the only one who felt like that.

We ate breakfast together.

Yuugo who was seated across from me wasn’t wearing a suit, but he was still wearing casual clothes.

“Yuugo, what about your work…?”

“I arranged it to start at noon.
That’s why, I want to be with you until then.”

“…Ah, okay.”

He actually thought that he wanted to be together with me.
I was a bit happy to hear that.

Yuugo is the type of person who expresses his wishes clearly.

He was like that even from the time we were communicating through text, but I felt that even more when we were talking directly.
Maybe his gaze that looked straight at me was also at fault.

It was impossible not to be embarrassed when told something like that.
I cast my gaze down and ended up replying more curtly than usual.

Yuugo didn’t seem to mind.
If anything, he even smiled happily when I replied.

“I’m glad your appetite is back.”

As I was munching on the bread for breakfast to cover it up, Yuugo told me that with a dazzling smile.

The scene was just like a painting, but there was a mountain of bread in front of Yuugo.
This couldn’t possibly be a painting.

“…Still, I can’t eat all of this, okay?”

This large amount of bread was what Yuugo had bought earlier.

There were so many of them that it made me think he might have bought every variety in the store.

No matter how you look at it, it wasn’t the amount for two people to eat.

“I want you to eat something that you like.
Which of these do you like?”

“…This one, I like it.”

What I’m eating right now was a simple white bread with chocolate cream inside it.

It was the one I just picked up randomly, but the bitter chocolate inside it was to my liking.

The bread was also springy and delicious.

“Do you want to try a bite, Yuugo?”

“Then you should try mine too.”

Yuugo was eating a Danish with fruit on top.

He picked it up straight away, so maybe he likes sweet things more than I thought.
He looked like he would like a simpler kind of bread, but his taste was surprisingly childish.

We exchanged our bread and took a bite.

There was a slightly sweet custard cream underneath the fruits.

This bread definitely tasted good, too.

“This one looks simple on the outside, but the cream inside tastes good.
I like it too.”

“I like your bread too.
I always avoided Danish pastries because they’re hard to eat, but they’re not so bad.”

Even such a trivial conversation felt fun when I was with Yuugo.
I didn’t expect I would be able to spend such a peaceful time during my heat.

I could feel Yuugo’s scent all the time, but I didn’t feel the heat rising like yesterday.

Maybe I’ll be okay if the medicine worked, after all?

“Sou? What’s wrong?”

“Ah, nothing… I just thought I feel so at ease even though I’m on heat.
Usually, it was tough even on the second day.”

The medicine has always worked well on me, but there were times when the fever smoldered me even when I take it.
It wasn’t uncommon for me to wake up and have a fever that won’t go away no matter how many times I released it.

Even though that was how it was usually, I didn’t feel like that at all today.

The medicine I took yesterday made me feel a bit lightheaded, but it was only that.

“Some studies show that inhaling alpha’s pheromones moderately make the heat symptoms lighter, so maybe that’s why.
I’m glad you’re not having a hard time.”

Yuugo said that and stroked my head.

His warmth that I could feel from his touch calmed me down.
It seems like I really felt more at ease when I’m by Yuugo’s side.

But this time would end soon.

A little while after we ate breakfast, we would be going to the clinic… and I’d part with Yuugo there.

Even though that was a normal thing to do, it was still a bit painful for me.
No, not just a bit… Just thinking of it makes my heart ache.

When I let out a small sigh, Yuugo tilted his head and looked at me worriedly.

“…What’s wrong?”

“Nothing… I just thought that this amount of bread is too much after all.”

I couldn’t seem to say what I was really feeling inside.

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