I know.”

He kissed me as if to comfort me.

Our tongues touched, and Yuugo’s sweet taste spread inside my mouth.

“I want more of this, too.”


I wanted his saliva that captivated me with its sweetness so much that I stretched out my tongue, as if begging for it.
My tongue was sucked into Yuugo’s mouth.

He sucked the tip of my tongue.
A sweet nasal voice escaped from my mouth as a pleasant sensation ran down my back.
Yuugo’s hand gently caressed my thigh when I moved my hips out of pleasure.

“I love the smell of your scent…”

“Yuugo’s scent smells so good, too.”

Maybe it was because my tongue was being sucked too much, but I couldn’t speak very well.
Or maybe I was too drunk from his scent that was too strong.
I turned my gaze to Yuugo as I swayed in the melting pleasure.

The color of lust was clear in Yuugo’s eyes as he looked at me.

I felt like the depths of his eyes lighted up again.

“…ah, aah”

The third finger got inside me.
As expected, three fingers made the entrance hole get stretched, and I could feel the tightness from inside me. 

But that place that was so wet could swallow Yuugo’s fingers in so easily.

It was tightening as if it was delighted.

“Your scent is getting stronger again— Are you tempting me?”

I want you to do it.”

The tingling inside my body got even worse every time he stretched my insides.

The heat at my nape was also increasing, and I couldn’t wait to get bitten there.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Yuugo’s mouth.

I moved my arms and reached for Yuugo’s mouth.
I poked at his lips with my fingertips and opened his mouth.
He flicked his tongues as if inviting me.
I hesitantly inserted my finger into his mouth.

I traced Yuugo’s rows of teeth with my fingertips.

These are the teeth that would leave a mark that wouldn’t disappear on me.

I found a slightly pointed alpha’s fangs and tried pressing the tip with my finger.


He playfully bit my fingertips lightly.

It didn’t hurt.
He bite it just like a puppy who was playing.

But my sensitive body changed that sensation into pleasure.
My body trembled every time he bite me.


I ended up squeezing his fingers inside me.
Yuugo moved his fingers every time, as if resisting it.

He spread his fingers inside to stretch the folds.
No matter how much he forcefully spread it out, I didn’t feel any pain.
Instead, my back stiffened at the irresistible sensation.


Something oozed out from the place that had been spread out.
It overflowed again.

My back shivered at the sensation that I could feel even up to my waist.

I inhaled breath as if I was moaning.
Yuugo’s scent that has mixed with the air was slowly, slowly melted into my body, and turned into heat.

“…It’s hot.”

“Do you feel hot? Where?”

“Deep inside my stomach… The place that can’t be reached with just fingers.”

It felt so hot and aching for pleasure.

Deep inside me was heating up so much, even more than the place that was touched by his fingers.

That place wanted to be stimulated.
I was supposed to not know anything about it, but I could tell that it was the best happiness for omega.

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