As I closed my eyes as if enduring it, I felt something warm on the back of my hand.
It was Yuugo’s hand.


Even though Yuugo was supposed to be controlled by his instincts—.

Between his ragged breaths, he spoke to me in a gentle voice.
He put his hand on top of mine and hold my hand while intertwining our fingers.

“—I can’t stop, sorry.”


I nodded my head.

Even though I was scared, my desire of wanting it still hasn’t changed.

Yuugo’s lips overlapped with mine.
His tongue gently caressed the inside of my mouth, and he moved his hips when I relaxed my strength.

The place that was unreachable by finger was being opened at once.
My breath caught in my throat at the feeling of my insides being penetrated.
I took short breaths again and again while opening and closing my lips.

“…eek, ahh”

That thing moved inside while spreading my insides.
Even though he was just moving his hips slightly, my insides that had been stretched to its limit felt it as a strong stimulation.

It felt so tight, hot, and it felt good.

I feel like I’m losing myself.

“ah, ah… aah…”


There was a squelching sound every time he moved.
He pressed and rubbed hard my sensitive spot that he wouldn’t touch earlier, and it made my voice come out on its own.

My thing was also swaying, matching the move of my body.
Pre-cum oozed out and stained my stomach. 

The numbness ran through me and made my feet stretch out several times.
His movement that was becoming intense made my back arched and my body trembled from pleasure.

“ah, nn… it feels good.”

When I said out loud that it feels good just like what he told me yesterday, the pleasure welled up even more.
The more I feel it, the more my insides were tightening as if to squeeze out Yuugo.

My body swayed again and again, just like the feeling of floating away from my consciousness.

The pumping became more and more intense.
The sound of our skin colliding with each other echoed through the room.
A piercing sensation of pleasure ran through my whole body every time I was being penetrated deep inside.

White sparks flashed at the back of my eyelids, and I couldn’t look at Yuugo’s face anymore.

“ah, aah—”

The moment my body jolted, white liquid spilled out from my thing down there.

Even though I didn’t touch it at all, it seemed like I came just from the stimulation from the inside.

“no, ah… I came… eek, ah”

Even though I was in the middle of releasing it, he still shook my body.

The impact made the white liquid splatter all over Yuugo’s body.
I have no choice but to endure the shaking as my sensitive body trembled.

“Wa- it, …ah, ngh”

He gouged me mercilessly.
He didn’t seem like he would stop the movement no matter what I said.

Yuugo’s tip touched deep inside my body and it slowly transferred the heat to me.

Deep inside my body was slowly being torn apart.

There was only one thing that melted place wanted so much.


At the same time as Yuugo’s low grunt, I could feel a hot splash of liquid burst deep inside me.

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