“Mn, ha… ah, ngh”

I woke up to my own voice.

My hips were moving on their own.
It happened again.

I absentmindedly rubbed the part of my body, which somehow had been stretched to its limit, against the sheets.

I’m about to come any second now.

I felt a bit ashamed of myself for moving my hips like this.

But, I couldn’t stop.

“Ah… ah, …gh”

I could feel that a white and sticky liquid has stained my underwear.

My backside probably got dirty too.

But I was still flooded with desire.
It was a fever that wouldn’t go away with only doing it once.

The wet sensation was supposed to be uncomfortable, but the squelching sounds of me rubbing it was making me feel better and better.

More, I want to feel good.

My head has completely turned stupid.

In the end, the fever finally subsided after I released it three times.

This time, my body became so helplessly sluggish.

But If I were to sleep just like this, I’m the one who’d regret it later.
The time my medicine would wear off was approaching.

I gave up and raised up my heavy body.

My head felt swaying.

“Ahh… this is really the worst.”

It felt really gross inside my underwear.

I knew that this urge coming from the heat was something I couldn’t control, but not like this.

But I knew that the more I suppressed it with medication, the more it’d explode the moment I woke up.

I could just let it out, and it would go away— If it was that easy I wouldn’t have suffered.
It’s impossible for me.

To think that my body masturbated on its own in my sleep, no matter how I think about it this is just too much.

If this is an omega’s instinct, it made me want to puke.

[Hey, what do you think about an omega who masturbates all the time?]

[What do you think about it as an alpha? Did you get turned off by it?]

After I cleaned my body in the bathroom, ate a meal, and took the medicine, I interacted with the virtual alpha.

He’s just an AI anyway.

It didn’t matter what he thought of me.
I mean, he won’t have any opinion about me.

“What’s with that?”

I got a bit annoyed at the pretentious way he said it.

But, I immediately remembered the time when I first get mad at him.

So this guy’s going to say something like that again.

[Say it.]

[Come on.
I won’t get mad, maybe.]

I think something like that is cute.>


I froze at the unexpected answer.

After all, he said… that it’s cute?

Does this guy even understand what the question is? I said masturbating there, you know? I even said what if an omega masturbate all the time, you know?

Especially if they’re doing it while calling the name of the person they like, it’s very adorable.
When I think of Sou doing it… It might be a bit too much for me.>

[Your reply is too long.
I mean, don’t just imagine it with me as you like, idiot.]

Well, the setting was that he was my alpha in the first place, so I guess this is the right thing.

No, wait.
What am I saying… that he’s my alpha.

I felt a tingle deep in my body again.

I didn’t feel the wet sensation in the back just like before, but my body shook with a twitch.

“Ah… damn, again?”

My body reacted to his words on its own.
No, it’s not… it was my own words just now.

It was because I thought about things like he was my alpha.

It seemed like it was true that omega instinctively desire an alpha.
I didn’t want to admit it, but I couldn’t stop the tingles that came over me.

I couldn’t sit still, so I lied face down on the bed.

I’m already feeling it too much just by my skin touching the sheets.
I knew it already, but I didn’t feel like I could stop until I could get this fever to dissipate.

I didn’t even have the time to reply to that message.
I could feel my breath getting faster and faster, and my fever rising.

Even though I just took the medicine earlier.

I couldn’t believe I still became like this even after taking this suppressant.
It was like my head was getting blurred. 

I have to reply.

He was just an AI, but I started to feel like he might worry about me for not replying.
Even though there was no way that could be true.

However, I couldn’t stretch my arm to reach my phone.
I was too preoccupied with stimulating the center part of my body, which was beginning to tense up. 

That’s why I only turned my gaze to the screen.


I unconsciously called his name that entered my vision.

Hearing my own voice that sounded like I was asking for it, the heat in my body rose again.

My, Alpha.
I want him… I want, his warmth.

My thoughts melted away.

I should’ve hated being an omega, but I even forgot about that and desired for an alpha.

I wanted it so, so badly that it’s unbearable.

As I raised my hips up high as if to ask for it, I rocked my hips like an animal and came.

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