The Length of My Arms is Not to Blame (1)

“Ah… Crap, I can’t catch up on my homework.”

This time my heat took four days to subside.

What followed after was the homework for the time I was absent.

This time my heat was on the weekend so I only missed 2 days, but in most cases it would take a full four days.
It really wasn’t a laughing matter.

My school is for betas, so there was no such thing as supplementary classes for omegas.
That was why I got several days’ worth of homework, and it counts as my attendance.

I guess this would be called… a special treatment.

I haven’t had my classmates say anything about it directly to me yet.
I think they might have said something behind my back, though.

I haven’t told anyone that I’m an omega, except for the teachers.
Not even to my close friends.

But they probably have noticed.

With me taking a break every month, anyone would surely notice.
I had no intention to say it on my own, though.

“English… is too hard.”

Even if I could handle the other subjects somehow, English was the only one that has always been a challenge for me.

I’ve been struggling with English since I was in middle school, so it was nothing new.

I really don’t understand it at all.

I was already having a hard time taking the lesson, it wasn’t right trying to learn it on my own.
This is so wrong.

“Ah, that’s right.”

I suddenly remembered a certain someone, then I took my phone that was on the bed.

I launched the chatting app with Yuugo.

That’s right, that virtual alpha.

After that certain incident that was a bit… no, pretty awkward for me, I was still talking with Yuugo frequently.

Most of our conversation was about trivial things.

We talked about food or our favorite comics.
Also, sometimes I asked him to listen to my complaints.

I think the app was pretty effective.

This was probably the first time I was able to go through my heat while feeling at ease, without feeling depressed all by myself.

I didn’t have to be careful with my words unlike when I talk to my family or friends, and it was also great that I could say my opinion as it was without having to hold back.

With this month’s heat, I realized that having someone like that in my life eases my mind so much.

“Yuugo must know some good methods for this.”

I had come to completely trust this AI.

Since I started calling him Yuugo, I felt especially closer to him and it was like I had made a new friend.

He’s an alpha and an AI anyway, so he must be good at studying.
With that expectation in my heart, I started typing some letters on my phone.

[Are you good at English?]

[No, I’m just working on my homework right now, but I don’t get it at all.]

If only I could come over and teach you about it.>

[I don’t need that kind of help.
So, do you know any good study methods?]

“What? Diligent?”

As usual, the things that he said were always so sudden and unpredictable.

With that flow of conversation, why did the talk turn into me being diligent at studying?


I thought you were going to ask me to do the homework for you, or tell you the answer to a question.
But you asked me for a study method.>

If I asked you that way, I’d be the one in trouble next time.]

I couldn’t just rely on you every single time.

Besides, you’re just an app, and doing that’d definitely be cheating.

Yuugo said that and sent me a link to three reference books.


“Ugh… so pricey.”

The next day, I immediately stopped by a bookstore on my way home from school.
It was a very large bookstore that was in the opposite direction from my house.

I usually only read comic books, so I never visited this kind of large bookstore.

I hadn’t gone to the reference book section since my entrance exam.

All of the books that Yuugo recommended for me were a bit pricey for my pocket money.

No, I think I could buy at least one… One of them cost five times the price of a comic book, so it was a bit too much for me.

I had wondered if my parents would give me some more money if I said I was going to buy a reference book.
But well, even if I thought about that I couldn’t say it out loud.

Being an omega might be free of charge, but the examination and even the medicine for us cost money.
It seems like there was at least some kind of subsidy, but even so there was no mistake that being an omega costs more money than beta.

That was why I don’t really want to bring up talk about money with my parents.
Or maybe I just couldn’t.

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