That is why I don’t really want to talk about money with my parents.
Or maybe I just couldn’t.

After much thought, I sent a message to Yuugo.

[If I were to buy one, which one is good?]

[Yeah, I don’t have enough money.]

If just one book, then maybe this one.>

“Guh… It’s the priciest one.”

What Yuugo showed me was the most expensive reference book.
But he answered immediately, so this book might really be a good one.

I’m the one who asked which one would be good to buy, it’d be weird if I buy a different one after he gave me his recommendation.

“Six times the price of a comic book…”

While muttering in desperation, I looked up at the shelf of the reference book section.
There was only one copy left of the book I was looking for on the shelf.

It was a bit high on the shelf, but not too high that I couldn’t reach it.

I extended my hand slowly.


My hand bumped with someone.

It seemed like the person next to me also extended their hand at the same time as me.

“My bad, are you okay?”

“Ah, sorry.
I wasn’t looking.”

The voice was pleasant to the ear and not too low.

The person I bumped into was a man in a suit.

It was someone with the air of an elite that was out of place to be in this reference book section.

I couldn’t help but look up in the direction of that person.
That’s right, that person was so tall that I had to look up at him.
It was partly because I’m on the smaller side, though.

The face on top of his sleek and stylish body was also surprisingly well-shaped.

His face was so handsome that describing it with the word good-looking isn’t enough. 

I even thought that I might have been mixed up in a modeling shoot.

He probably had some foreign blood in him.

His hair was a very beautiful ash brown color.
I wanted to try dyeing my hair in that color at least once, but I’m sure it wouldn’t look good on me.

He slowly stroked his hair to the back.

Even his side profile was so well-shaped, and his nose was twice as tall as mine.
No, I guess that was exaggerating it… I hope it was just me exaggerating it.

His eyes that looked my way for a moment earlier, were in a pale brown color with a hint of green in them.
I’ve never seen such a beautiful color even with color contacts.

Anyway, his handsomeness was so out of this world.

Then, there was a reason why I was staring at that person so much.
I wasn’t being captivated by a handsome guy for no reason.

It was because of the book he was holding in his hand.

There was that reference book that I was searching for earlier.

He was holding the book that Yuugo recommended the most to me, and he flipped through the pages with his long fingers.

…I wonder if he’ll buy it.

He didn’t seem like he was in an age that really needed that book, or wanted to learn English from now on. 

No, that probably was just my prejudice.

But seriously, that person really has an air that seemed like he could speak any language effortlessly and fluently.

He might have been asked by someone to buy that.

If I couldn’t buy that book here should I mail order it? Ah, but then I wouldn’t be able to finish my homework in time.

“Umm, …are you going to buy that?”

I decided to call out to him.

That person didn’t seem to notice my gaze, he looked down on me with his eyes turned wide in surprise.

Even though that face looked so cool, his handsomeness is so frightening.

“Could it be… that you want this too?”

“Err, well… I’d like to buy …it.”

“I see, sorry.
Here you are.”

As I answered hesitantly, he chuckled and held out the book to me.
My heart skipped a beat when I saw his face, squinting his eyes and smiling slightly.

I took the book and unconsciously turned my face away.
If I kept staring at him it felt like my face was going to turn red.

No, I didn’t really think that way about a guy… It’s just that being that handsome is already a crime.
It was fine if it was just me staring at him, but if he stared at me it would be bad for my heart.

“Sorry, I took it before you did.”

“Ah, no… it’s fine.”

It was just me barely losing the speed race as we stretched our arms at the same time, anyway.

I’m not really bothered by the fact… that I was short or that I have short arms, not at all.

“Are you sure about this?”


“Don’t you want to buy it?”

I just got nostalgic and came to check it out.
I also recommend that book.”

That person then said his farewell, walked away from me, and left.

As he walked past me, I felt a strange scent coming from him.
My head felt somewhat numb inside.

Could it be, the person from earlier…—was an alpha?

I hurriedly turned around, but that person was no longer there.

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