Moving again how wonderful, I do not know why my parents decided to have this kind of job, not that I am complaining but I do not get to spend quality time with them, even on my 18th birthday, all I got was a credit alert and a note saying they were busy with work and they were sorry they could not make it. I know they are busy and all but do they not get to have a break.

Okay enough whining, time to introduce myself, Im Kevin Salvador, I turned 18 last month and my mother is a fashion consultant while my father is a mining expert or so, I do not really know, all I know is he goes to different places he wishes and takes his team/co-workers to a site to mine the raw material there and then do whatever he wants…. I think, well I have, sorry had a beautiful, cute and lovely girlfriend until I had to move, now you see another reason why I hate moving, but that would not be happening anymore seeing as I am officially an adult and I can stay anywhere I want to, speaking of that why not go back to Atlanta, and on another note, I do not think so.

Well enough introductions, let me get to the real deal, we just moved to New Orleans from Atlanta yesterday night, mummy says it would help with the nightmares I had been having of different creatures, dad says it is because I get too engrossed reading fantasy books, but I know they are both here because of another job they have to do but I can not complain, they are my parents. So I get to have a week for tour and to find a new school of my choice, compensation for not been there on my birthday. Well I am going to use today to settle into the new house and search for schools online but let me roam the streets of Bourbon first. As I get up to leave the room I start to feel the headache coming back again but this time it seems to be worse.

********Black out ********

Where the bloody hell am I and why the heck is every where dark.

”Oh my you will have to pardon me for the slight pain, you see I had been trying to reach you ”

I hear a voice say followed by his footsteps coming in my direction.

”You call that slight ? ”

I shout in frustration as I look around trying to look for him, getting tired of hearing only hus footsteps.

”You must agree with me that I atleast apologized ”

”Whatever, who are you and where am I ? ”

”As for who I am, you would have to find that out yourself and as for where we are, I do not know how to put it ”

”What do you mean ”

I ask as I stare, confused as hellq

”What? ”

The voice asked back unsure of what I mean

”How the ** do you expect me to find you? I do not know your name or face, what do you think I am huh ? ”

”I see the necessary requirements must have skipped you one way or another, nevermind that, I would give another and when you wake, you will find it this time ”

”And why should or would I do that, find you, I mean ? ”

”That pain is nothing compared to what will come later on until the moment you pass ”

”You most certainly do not mean the pass I am thinking of, do you ? ”

”I mean pass, as in you getting released from your mortal coil ”

”Wait what! ”

I shout in disbelief and shock

”Are you **ing with me right now ? ”

I shout but he does not reply me and after a while I do not hear his footsteps again, great now he bailed on me.

After a short moment I open my eyes to bright lights and I look around to find I am back in my room. I get up to find something to eat cause I am getting hungry already and I need to take a pain killer or something for this headache, as I stand I feel like my legs have turn into jello and I just sit back on my bed to wait it out and groan in frustration.

”While you are doing that you could find me or say goodbye to your family before night falls tomorrow ”

”Seriously, who the ** are you and how did you get in my room ? ”

”I am not in your room ”

”Where are you then and how am I hearing you ? ”

”Im here, in your head, mind, whatever you want to call it ”

”So I am hearing things, if that is the case I will just go back to sleep ”

”And never wake up, you know thats a really good way to die, quick and easy. But yours would not be so easy cause your head will feel like it is been pounded and your insides will feel like they are bathing in acid ”

”Ok fine, what do you want ? ”

”Now you are making sense, find me ”

”How, I don even know your name, neither have I seen your face ”

”That ring has a college sigil, find the school, go to the security office and ask for a Casa Viskar application. The rest will be taken care of ”

”Is that all ? ”

”Yes ”

”What then ? ”

”What do you mean ? ”

”What would happen when I find you ? ”

”I would explain in due time ”

Hmmm, time to go college hunting, I grab my laptop and type Colleges in New Orleans and boy must I say, they are pretty much but I find it in due time, apparently, it is an academy and the name is Viskar Academy, how convenient, note the sarcasm.

”What type of name is Viskar ? ”

”Just focus ”

”Can you stop doing that, weirdo ”

”Im a weirdo, you are the one talking aloud in your room to a voice that only you can hear, and you call me a weirdo, how convenient ”

”Well you were the one who decided to stop by and have a conversation ”

”Just focus ”

”I must say your College has a beautiful symbol ”

”That is a sigil not a symbol ”

”Whatever, though it is undescribable, like a combination of beautiful and weird, beautifully weird or weirdly beautiful, you get what I mean? ”


”Hello ? ”

Well at least he is gone

”But seriously what kind of a college bears Viskar Academy anyway ? ”

”What kind of a guy does what he is told to by a voice he has never heard before ? ”

”A guy that loves his life, now that I have found it can I go back to sleep, in peace ? ”

”Enroll in it ”

”What, you do not expect me to do that do you? Look I already found the school, I will go there and do what you asked ”

”You would not be allowed into the registration office if you do not have the code that will be given to you when you enroll ”

”(Urgh), this is tiring ”

Looks like I found a college already, and the ratings are quite good also, it might not be a bad one after all, now time to sleep I just hope I do not hear him again.

********Next morning********

(Urgh) can someone remind me why I hate mornings again, ah yes, the sun decides to focus its bright rays on my face and now not only the sun but this New Orleans street band has decided to do a very loud performance, do not get me wrong, I am really grateful for the gift of life and I must say, their performance is a lovely one

”Good, now get ready ”

”Dude do I not even get to have privacy in my own thought again ”

Fine Ill get dressed (urgh), I hate him

********few minutes later********

Wow, I must say this college is really big, and old, jeez, but nonetheless since I am not in the mood to die soon, let me go in.

”Wow, okay I take that back ”

The college is incredible, like looking not so good on the outside but looking magnificent inside.

”Focus on the main objective ”

Oh yeah, find the security office.

”Why the heck would you guys build a college this big without a registration office close to the entrance, I have been walking for over 5 minutes and I can not find it ”

Okay found it, damn she is pretty.

”Excuse me miss, I am here to apply for the Casa Viskar registration ”.

I say as I reach the desk in front of her

”Very well sir, if you would follow me ”

Okay, that was weird, I mean why would a college this big decorate the inside so much but leave the outside unattended to, are they not aware it could collapse?

”It is a facade ”

”Okay dude, that is just invasion of privacy, can you like give a warning before you pop into my mind, and did you say it is a facade, I do not understand ”

”You will in due time ”

”Okay, please walk right into this hallway, when you get to the end of the hallway say your name and the code given to you and then open the door ”

”Okay thank you, but I did not get your name ”

”You will in due time ”

Okay end of hallway then magic words, not so hard, but I do not see any door from where I am

”Just keep walking ”

”Fine, oh found it ”

I knock on the door and say

”Kevin Salvador, uhm, unbound, undead, unbroken ”

And then I wait for a few minutes before a bright light shines from under the door like a bright light was turned on inside the room, and then immediately I start feeling light headed and then once more my vision turns black.

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