. I smelled no one that was mine.

I got close, something calling to me, an unnamed need. The need for blood like he suggested? Curiosity about that familiar female? I might have wanted revenge. And I realized I hadn eaten the grass to mask my scent. And I didn care. In fact, I wanted them to smell me.

When I approached, their smells confused me. They made my head dizzy and I again wanted to mark the entire village with my scent. So I began to do that.

I saw several men step outside a large barn and they froze when they saw me marking. My uncles voice rang in my wolfs head, his warnings about them. I growled at them, bared my teeth, showed my disdain and strangely, they all shifted and moved to poses of partial submission.

Why would they submit? More importantly, why would it be only a partial submission? Uncle told me my inferiors would submit if they recognized me as their alpha. He told me other alphas would only partly submit to show respect.

Confusion swam through me and I left before I finished marking. With no one to go back to, I didn go back to the house until winter when I denned underneath it. And the following winter. And the winter after that. Ive forgotten how many.

Until today, I haven even felt the urge to shift back to man form. Ive nearly forgotten about this other form I can be. It feels strange, like I need time to adjust after so long. Like my memories are sliding back slowly.

Uncle once said if a wolf didn shift for a long enough period, hed forget everything he knew as man, forget how to shift. And if he didn shift from man to wolf, his wolf would become a danger to all. He told me there was a balance to maintain. And when he died, I didn follow his words. I did what I wanted instead.

I was tired of his words. Of his warnings. Of the times when he made no sense, especially when he smelled like whisky.

Her panic levels are giving me an ache I can stand.

”Settle down, Emerald. ” I scoop her against my chest and my temperature rises to provide warmth for her.

Her eyes are wild with fear and the predator in me wants to take her to the ground and devour her body, though with mouth, tongue, fingers, and cock instead of tearing at her with my teeth. The stronger part of me wants to calm and settle her.

”The boyfriend? ” I smelled five different males. ”Is that whom you
e calling for? ”

I want to rip his throat out. I want to rip all their throats out. I can tell by their scents that they
e weak. None are worthy opponents. None are worthy of her.

I also smell the female that was with her earlier. Three of the five have the scent of that female on them. One that was with my Emerald. The other woman reeks of all that seed. Its disgusting.

I wonder if the boyfriend seed is also in her!

I would never do that to her. I never will I spew my seed in another now that Ive found her.

Emerald doesn answer me.

”Forget him, ” I say.

The fire and those filthy scents shrink off into the distance as we keep moving.

She slumps in defeat in my arms with a whimper.

I wonder if shell miss boyfriend? Does she love him? It doesn matter; Im keeping her. He can find another female. I know Id win her in a fight if some male was dumb enough to challenge me. I don smell another male on her, only knew that one was near her when I caught her scent. She hasn been touched in a while. I smell no males seed on her at all. This makes me happy. Now that shes mine, she will always smell like me.

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