The moment I caught I scent; I knew she was mine. And now her scent is directly in front of me, the urge is fierce.

I have never felt this way before.

Now seeing her in front of me, I need to get past this metallic glass. I need to get her.

I need to claim her because she is mine!

I have never had the urge to claim before but I know what it feels like now because its uncontrollable. The sensation is strange.

I search for a way into this…machine. I can remember how they get these things open.

I think it just needs to click for it to open up.

But its been ages.

Its been ages since I have been in man form; standing on two legs, feeling the cold on my feet and all over my body. Why is it so cold though?

I guess its the absence of the thick honey-brown coat.

Damn, I hate the cold.

I pull the handle of the door and it fails to release the door open. This door is preventing me from getting to her.

Anger bubbles up inside of me while the cold is aching through my spine.

I need her inside of me right now.

Oh, Im indeed a **ing animal.

Shes mine. I know it.

Finally, I found her. I have never been one to care about my mate but I guess when the urge comes, you can fight it.

I need to be calm. I think Im scaring the crap out of her.

I slow my reactions to offer myself a chance to think. Think of how to get to her. Think like my man form needs to think.

I lost my senses as I tried to breach the machine in wolf form after it struck me. I was retorting madly in rage because this machine is keeping me from getting what is mine.

The car… slid and I then tried to halt it, but it took me with it. My feet sank deep into the wet earth before I backed off and came out of that state where I do things that I later decide made no sense.

It occasionally happens when something is in front of me that falls outside my instincts. Its usually to do with people.

I have peered through the glass and I have seen her.

Damn, shes beautiful. Shes small and very frightened.

Something must have scared her.

Oh, wait thats me, My bad.

As soon as I knew the sight of my wolf frightened her, a strange sensation hit me, and I shifted spontaneously into a man.

I haven changed to a man in a long time and an unprompted shift does not happen to me for much longer than that.

Its been my problem since I can remember. Struggling to maintain form but all I do is lose control.

I hated that loss of control. I don want it now.

Memories take me back to the origin of my problem.

Uncle Clint… it had something to do with him. What?

It hits me. Uncle left. He left me with the supplies because he said he had things to do, and errands he had to complete without me because I just couldn stop shifting.

I fumed as my body altered from wolf to man to wolf to man for days and days until I found a way to slow it and it kept getting trapped in between.

He saw that and told me to practice doing it so I could stop in the middle on command like my father used to do. Before he was killed by his mutinous pack…

Reminiscences took over me as I take an unplanned trip down memory lane.

Memories of meat that has naturally turned into jerky, dry bread, canned fruit, pain, and isolation as my body repeatedly and painfully shifted without my control.

Uncle Clint shouting, and swearing at me and left me for a long time while it continued over and over. Uncle Clint and his whisky.

A growl rolls up from deep in me at the memories, but I have no time now for rage because this is her. My one. My mate. She does exist.

She looks terrified. I can smell fear in the air now. I wonder what scares her.

Me? Why?

Shes holding her breath and behaves like trapped prey. She is trapped, and Ill free her. Ill free her so that I can claim her. Shes no ones prey; shes mine. Or she will be when I mount, bite, and knot her.

When I caught her scent in the air before the sky had completely darkened, I knew.

I knew it was why I was here, why Id felt so aware of everything around me, why I roamed so close to the town. Why my thinking had changed, back to human.

I have stayed deep in the forest for a while sleeping in the cave for winter.

I woke just a few nights ago from hibernation, and for days Ive been on the hunt, feasting, gathering strength after my long winter sleep, but staying closer than usual to my den. It was a long winter; I can tell by how weak I felt. And I felt like I woke up too early. Yet, it was later than it should be. It made no sense, but I just followed my nose and hunted, feasted, and then today, it hit me.

When I woke up, I couldn understand my actions. Why did I remain close to town and why was I feeling so strange, until the scent hit me?

I have been chasing that scent since then. Its been confusing. Nothing made sense to me anymore unless I get to the origin of this mysterious scent.

I need to find her.

Seeing her now, it all makes sense. I like how she looks.

The sight of her face does an unimaginable thing to my body. But she looks super frightened.

I need to get her calm. I need to get at her so I can cover her with my body, let her inhale my scent so shell learn it, so shell know that when Im near her shes safe. So shell know the scent of her mate.

Shes got beautiful red hair, the color of blood and her eyelashes are long. She isn tall but her legs are long and beautiful. She has pert breasts.

She reminds me of how I imagined the fairies in the stories Uncle Clint would read me when I was a boy about little shapely fairies that would flit around at dusk. I never saw one, but painted one from my vision of what they might look like. If that painting is still in the house somewhere, I want to see it… see if it resembles her.

I need her. This is what brought me close to the town today. This was why I was thinking halfway between wolf and man.

I caught her fragrance from her miles away but I didn smell her alone.

Id woken far too early to hunt, though ravenous and restless until my nose twitched with interest like never before, sending me in aimless circles for what felt like an eternity until I was hit with the onslaught of her scent.

Every sensation in my body became sensitive. all my fur stood on end as I tried to process the feelings but it made no sense.

AFTER FINALLY picking up her tracks, I grew angrier. It was driving me insane because she wasn alone.

I picked up several aromas around her so I tried to change but the wolf wouldn let me and I didn want to put her in danger.

It takes time to adjust after not shifting for a year, but I know its been more than two years, more than four I think. How would I even know? I never counted days as a wolf. This is why my brain is hazy with confusion.

Something has changed in her.

She seems scared.

The moon was strange tonight. Too large. Too close. Instinct told me it had been altered. Based on the proximity of her scent, it shouldve taken no time to find her. Uncle Clint once told me that sometimes witches interfered with things. Sometimes they made the road lead to new places.

and they trapped you where they needed you to stay so that they could complete some purpose either for you or despise you.

The night takes me back on memory lane when uncle Clint is in one of his bad moods. He was mostly drunk on those nights. I would listen, let him speak though his words often didn make sense, and then leave him be. Most times when I asked questions, his answers were non-answers, or he grew frantic and didn answer at all.

When her scent moved too far away, I was confused for a time but finally, the haze of confusion lifted enough for me to surmise that she got into a car and left.

I hadn set eyes on her yet at that stage but knew the scent of cars and knew the scent of this particular car, already having had its imprint on me, but tracking that scent isn as easy as tracking a person or prey.

I got dizzy from the onslaught of emotion I was feeling which meant I lost time and the car scent.

When the scent got stronger as I scoured while tracking the car, my nose to the ground, finally, the fragrance picked up in intensity and got not only stronger, but the onslaught of the strength of her aroma was so powerful that it disoriented me and because of that, the car struck me.

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