uirms harder, so I warn, ”If you make yourself fall and you get hurt, Ill be angry. Im already angry enough. ”

She needs warmth. Her body is far too cool. I won take the chance of making her ill. I will my body temperature to rise for her, but shes only over my shoulder so it won do enough.

”Clayton…Clayton? Right? Clayton, please. Listen… If we can just get to where I can make a call, I can have my car towed out of there and I won … won tell anyone about you. You can just go. You can just le-let me go Clay and I won say a word. Please Im sorry Clay. You haven done anything that wrong yet, only broke my window and stuff, and I…I don care about that. I have insurance. I just… please put me down and we can forget this ever happened. ”

She calls me clay- we are already bonding and giving each other nicknames. This union is gonna be wonderful.

I pick up my pace. I can cover a lot of ground quickly even if I don run as fast as a man as I do as wolf, but as I can carry her and her things as a wolf, this has got to be the way home. I was weary, and then angry at myself because shes cold and frightened, but now Ive got renewed strength at the notion that Im bringing Emerald with me.

Ive found the person to be mine, fill my bed, to give me sons and daughters. Uncle Clint said that not all hybrid shift, but some can, can become nearly as strong as their pure shifter fathers or mothers. Its not unheard of for humans and shifters to mate at all. When they
e destined, he said their offspring are strong. I know by her scent and how it makes me feel that shes my destined one.

My finding her happened with a hand from fate and perhaps even a witch, I suspect with the way the sky looks and the way the roads behaved tonight, but no matter… all that matters is that Ive got her and we
e heading home. I feel like someplace can be home.

This. This is what Im missing. This is what it means to be a man. Having a woman that is all yours. And that shes not wolf means she won feel that usual urge Uncle told me of, to join a pack like a typical female wolf shifter would. This is right. Shell accept my solo lifestyle. This is how its supposed to be for me.

I tell myself I must focus as a man, and find comfort in this form as this is who Im going to be most of the time. I need to get home in case my body shifts against my will again and gives her an opportunity to run from me. Its because of her fear. Once I claim her, shell know shes where shes meant to be, and Ill gain more clarity and more control over my form.

Shes bouncing in my arms, grunting out with distress as I run, zigzagging down through the woods that will take me back to where I first scented her. From there, it won take long for me to be home. I smell home and I always know how to get there. Now that Ive scented her, I know Ill always know how to find her, too.

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