Chapter 1 (Raven)

terjected. My and Ashleys gaze drifted to the direction my sister was looking. At the entrance to the school there was a handsome, tall boy with dark curls falling over his forehead. He was dressed in dark jeans, a silver belt, a black T-shirt and a black leather jacket. He had a phone in his hand and he looked like he was waiting for someone.

”He has a crush on you ” I said looking at the boy.

”I haven decided yet if I have a crush on him. ” Ashley said as we walked towards the school. When we passed the boy, he clearly beamed.

”Hi Ashley! ” He said

”Hi Will, bye Will, ” the girl said as she passed him.


Walking down the corridor, I tried to convince my friend to give the boy a chance. Beth was giggling beside Tommy (with whom I still felt uneasy).

Suddenly I saw an afroamerican girl. She had dark makeup on her face and blue hair put in a ponytail. She wore a black t-shirt with a skull, a black and white checked skirt, and boots on her legs. She had lots of piercings in her eyebrows and ears, and on her wrists and neck there were lots of jewelry with occult motifs.

Oh no. Not good. I thought.

Lisa Lake was standing in front of me. Beth loved to bully her. Lisa was Lucy Lakes sister. My sisters arch enemy. Lucy Lake was the second most popular girl at school and thus Beths biggest rival. Thats why my dear big sister liked to take revenge on Lisa, who was an outsider.

I tried to distract Beth but unfortunately it was too late. The teenager spotted her target and walked towards her. She pushed Lisa and started throwing things out of her bag onto the ground. After a while, Tommy joined his girlfriend. Ashley and I looked at each other and quickly came to a quiet agreement that we would try to dissuade Beth from her new fun.

”Beth, honey. Lets go. Shes not worth your time. ” Said Ashley, touching the girls shoulder in the process.

”Seriously sister. Lets go because well be late for class. Leave her alone. ” I joined in trying to convince the girl to leave the poor goth. Our pleas must have convinced Beth, because the teenager gave the last kick and walked with Tommy towards the classroom. Together with Ashley, we quickly collected Lisas books and gave them to her, and then we ran quickly after my sister, afraid that if we waited too long, the teenager would come back.


During our first lesson, Ashley sat down next to me. Beth was sitting with Tommy. I decided I should forget about the whole thing with the letter. It was some prank that I shouldn have been bothered with. Garry Dean was standing at the blackboard. For the tenth minute he had been talking to our chemistry teacher about some complicated chemical formula. It suited me because the lesson was passing and I could take care of myself. My phone made a short noise. As I turned it over, I read the message Beth sent to our group chat. It concerned a freckled boy with glasses standing by a blackboard.

”That nerd is such a loser. ” I decided that I will not comment on this statement. Ashley sent a smiley face and went back to browsing dresses on the internet. Suddenly the teachers voice caught my attention. The girls and I did not notice that the professor had already written the assignment on the blackboard.

Now he was looking for a victim to make them solve the problem. Even Garry Dean didn want to go to the blackboard, looking at the complicated formula. The chemist started walking around the class looking for someone to send to the task. Suddenly he stopped at our desk, smiling at Ashley, who was still busy on the phone and unaware of the teachers presence.

”Miss Wilde. Would you like to solve the task on the blackboard for the grade or would you like to keep playing with your phone? ” Ashley, who was just now looking up, smiled sheepishly.

”Id rather continue to browse the dresses. A moment ago I found a nice pink sequin dress that I think Ill buy. ”

”I see that this task may be troublesome for you especially Miss Wilde, because it is difficult and we did not do tasks of this type, but I would insist that you go to the blackboard and write down at least the data. Maybe then you will get at least a pass mark. ”

Ashley looked a little indignant as she tossed her hair back and walked with the models step towards the blackboard. She took the chalk in her hand with shiny silver nails and began to write. Within five minutes, she managed to complete the assignment in such a way that even the teacher was speechless. When she returned to the bench, the teenager looked offended.

”Did you see that? That idiot thinks Im dumb. Unbelievable, ” she whispered to me as she fell back into her seat.

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