ingo: “Huh?! Dressrosa?”

Luffy: “What, it turned out to be Sabo, isn’t he dead?”

Ace: “Great, Sabo really is not dead, the black hat must be Sabo.”

At this moment, Ace almost jumped up excitedly.

On the gold list, the picture turned and came to the future Dresrosa.

“That is, Dresrosa’s arena?”

Seeing this scene, Doflamingo frowned tightly.

“Hey, the one with the helmet and beard seems to be you, Sabo.” Koala glanced strangely at Sabo who was standing next to him, and then at Sabo who appeared on the top of the gold list.

“It really seems to be me?” Sabo stroked his chin, “I will be dressed like that in the future.”

As soon as the voice fell, the future Sabo directly smashed the ground of the arena.

At the same time as the sea water poured into the arena, a bullfish carrying a treasure chest appeared in front of the world.

In the future, after Sabo opened the treasure chest, a flame-red Devil Fruit appeared in front of the world.

[Golden Lion Shiki: That is really Mera-mera Fruit, I don’t know what Roger feels about seeing this scene, haha.]

Roger: “This Shiki, I really want to teach him a lesson.”

[Whitebeard Newgate: Hmph, the future has changed, I will not let anyone hurt my son.]

[Kizaru Borsalino: A One Piece, a strongest man, Ace really has two terrible fathers.]

“Ace, I will accept your fruit.” In the future, Ace took off his helmet and fake beard, revealing his real face, “Fire Fist!”

A fire fist smashed the ground, and Sabo came directly to the bottom of the arena in the future.

At this time, the battle belonging to the future between Sabo and Mihawk also began.

“Na, na, Doffy, it seems that there will be riots in Dresrosa in the future, should we do something?

Don Quixote family, the highest cadre Trebol said to Doflamingo with a worried expression on his face.

“Fofufu, it looks like this is indeed the case.” Doflamingo laughed.
“It seems that this riot occurred because of the Mera-mera Fruit competition.”

“But now that the future of Ace has changed, then this battle will not be staged in the future.”

“Fortunately, this gold list has not exposed more clips.
It would be terrible if you let the world know the secret of Dresrosa toys.”

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